Hi i’m Caroline Brealey

I’m an award winning matchmaker and relationship expert based in the Big Smoke – London.

I help single professional Londoners find love and you know what? I love it!

I founded dating agency Mutual Attraction in 2011 and since then we’ve had weddings, babies and lots of loved up couples. All the schmoozy good stuff!

I know first hand that the path to true love is not an easy one. When I moved to London I knew nobody, felt lost and over whelmed. I was struggling to make new friends let along bag a boyfriend! Through the years I have had many ups and downs from moving to Hong Kong and getting dumped to finding the love of my life – my husband Christian. I heart this guy…….


I work 1:1 with clients. I get to know them before introducing them to likeminded singles.

Me and my team don’t have a magic potion. We don’t have a factory where we programme in a checklist of ‘must haves’. Nope, we work we REAL people. People looking for a lasting, loving and happy relationship. We don’t work with people who are only interested in someone being ‘rich’. It’s not our bag. We’re all about the good stuff….LOVE.

My main passion is introducing people to their life partner. A close second is training new matchmakers in the profession which I do through the Matchmaker Academy. Yep, a training school for matchmakers really exists.

A few of my proudest matchmaker’s moments to date:

• Going to my first wedding – awesome.
• Being awarded ‘Best Matchmaker’ & Matchmaker of the Year at industry awards.
• Ordering flowers on behalf of my client to his date. It was love at first sight and they are still together several years on.
• Being selected to be the Head Judge at The UK, Euro & US dating awards.
• Seeing Matchmaker Academy graduates go on to being amazing matchmakers.

I truly believe that living a happy, fulfilled and positive life leads to getting the relationship you want.

Life is busy and I have personally witnessed so many incredible men and women who have given up on love. Never give up on finding love!

So that’s me – Matchmaker, dating and relationship expert and lover of all things Disney. Well we’ve all got to have one guilty pleasure right?!

Much love