Best Dating Coach iDate Award – Will You Help Me?


It’s time for the final voting round for the 2015 iDate Awards and I have a big question or you…..will you help me win?

I’m up for the Best Dating Coach and it would mean so much if I were to win. I am up against some incredible dating coaches from around the globe so when I say every vote counts I really do mean it.

Want to go straight to the voting – Vote For Me Here

Why vote for me?

I make a difference (and I don’t mean that in a big headed way!)

Every Friday without fail I take time out to write a newsletter to thousands of subscribers who live all over the world. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already a subscriber (and if not join me today by popping your name and email in the box below this post). I always aim for the newsletters to start you weekend off in style and get you thinking positively about finding love. From date tips, to relationship advice to my own experiences personally and from being a matchmaker, I share it all with you and I truly hope it helps. In fact, I know it does, because so many of you tell me!

Ok maybe I’m no rocket scientist and people might not always agree with what I say but if my newsletter makes people happier, helps them work through some dating barriers and gets them pumped to meet someone new? Then that’s what matters.

Daily 1:1 coaching

Through my London dating agency Mutual Attraction I support single people on a daily basis. Not just by matchmaking them, but by coaching and prepping them for their dates, helping them overcomes past experiences so they can be open to love again and being that person they can simply pick up the phone and talk to. I love what I do and I always go the extra mile. In fact, just last night I was on the phone at 9pm helping a client prepare for his upcoming dates!

Webinars, public speaking and scaring myself silly on radio and tv

At Mutual Attraction we regularly host webinars for our members and want the good news? From January next year they are going to be open to every one, that means you! Even better they are 100% free and you can listen in in your PJs! Not only that but I have a really exciting announcement to make in January of a new regular feature that will be coming your way and I promise, it will change the way you think and feel about dating.

But anyway enough of the waffle, why don’t I just tell you why I think you should vote me to win Best Dating Coach at the 2015 idate awards? Here’s a video I prepared earlier (Blue Peter style!) and whilst I look a little harassed frowning away I am actually very happy. Not to self – do not frown so much hehe!

They could have picked a nicer freeze frame right?! Geez!!

How To Vote

Pop on over the iDate Website and scroll down to the Best Dating Coach Category. Tick the box for Caroline Brealey (Mutual Attraction) and then put your details at the bottom and click ok! The next and final step is to check your inbox and verify your vote by clicking the link. It takes no more than 30 seconds and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much, i’m sending you a virtual high five and hug!


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The Great British Entrepreneur Awards


A few weeks back I attended the Great British Entrepreneur Awards Old Billingsgate, London.

You may recall me telling you my exciting news, that I was a finalist in the ‘Micro Entrepreneur’ category. I don’t want to sound like a cliché but it really was an honour to have such esteemed judges select me for the shortlist out of hundreds of entries from incredible entrepreneurs from up and down the country.

What made it even more special is that many of us in the dating industry feel we’re over looked at award ceremonies as dating isn’t ‘important’ or a ‘fad’. Needless to say I think quite the opposite, finding that special someone to share your life with is incredibly important. I’m very lucky to be a part of peoples journey to finding love.

Anyway, back to the Great British Entrepreneur awards and what a fantastic night it was at a stunning venue.


It was hard enough finding one dress I liked for party/award season let alone two, so I decided to rock the dress I wore the week before for the UK Dating Awards. Only thins time I opted for a more glam ‘up do':


The event started with a champagne reception and I took the opportunity to take a look through the silent auction brochure. Looks of incredible things from luxurious holidays to artwork all in the name of charity. Alas all were very much out of my price range. I might be a lovely idea for them next year to have a few ‘smaller’ experiences, after all, many entrepreneurs are still up and coming and don’t yet have the big business funds….maybe one day ;)

Now it was time to network and being on my own that meant biting the bullet and approaching people with a big smile! I met some wonderful people including the team from the British Library who told me all about their Innovating for Growth business course. I’ve now applied for it so fingers crossed I get a spot :)



The event was star-studded event, with David Weir CBE (Paralympian) and Derek Redmond (British Athlete) giving an inspirational interview, Andy and Steve Moore (Former welsh rugby players) presenting, Gyles Brandreth as host and a surprise visit from international businesswoman and model Caprice.

As the ceremony started I took my took and was delighted to be sat with founder and Director of St Moriz tanning products Dawn McDaid and Kay Glover from Popcorn PR who I had already been chatting too. They were so much fun and what inspirational women.



The event was star-studded event, with David Weir CBE (Paralympian) and Derek Redmond (British Athlete) giving an inspirational interview, Andy and Steve Moore (Former welsh rugby players) presenting, Gyles Brandreth as host and a surprise visit from international businesswoman and model Caprice.

But first…!




Sorry for the bad photo, didn’t want to look too much of a geek ;)

The event was star-studded event, with David Weir CBE (Paralympian) and Derek Redmond (British Athlete) giving an inspirational interview, Andy and Steve Moore (Former welsh rugby players) presenting, Gyles Brandreth as host and a surprise visit from international businesswoman and model Caprice.

Finally, after lots of well deserving winners had collected their awards it was time for the Micro Entrepreneur category. Spot my name at the top……



What can I say, I didn’t win! But, it didn’t come as a surprise as I was up again some really pioneering entrepreneurs. A huge congratulations to Paul Holmes from Kilsyth Community Market Garden who was the overall winner. I didn’t get the chance to meet him but I hope he celebrated in style :)

The night continued with drinks, networking and celebrating all the winners. At the end of the night I picked up my winners plaque and collected my goodie bag (including a mini cars advent calendar!) and headed home after a fantastic night.

You never know, maybe next year will be my lucky year! :lol:

Caroline x

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Give the Gift of Love this Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner which means gift giving season is here! Instead of a tie this Christmas, how about giving someone the gift of love?

That’s exactly what the team at have on their mind. The online dating website allows you to play matchmaker to your friends, family, colleagues – anyone you love who is single and shouldn’t be! Today I’m handing the blog over to the Date My team as they talk lurvveee so without further ado., over to Rachel, founder and fellow matching meddler!

Give the Gift of Love

Here at Date My we’re firm believers in giving someone the gift of love. This may sound a little cheesy, but the truth is everyone likes to meddle a little, especially if it leads to you being the proud Matchmaker behind a love story!

Have you ever had someone say to you, “I’ve met someone you would LOVE, I’m going to set you up!”

Well that’s what we’re encouraging. For a lot of people, searching for that someone can become a bit of a burden and Internet dating can be daunting. We hope to take the pain out of online dating, by letting Matchmakers set up their single friends, family members and even co – workers. What’s great about matchmaking on datemy is the singleton can sit back whilst their Matchmaker does the hard work for them. They write their profile, search, make matches and even set up blind dates. We like to think of it as the online version of traditional matchmaking.

So if you’re slightly hesitant, or even if you don’t have time for online dating, you might find that a great alternative is to get someone to do it for you! Handing it over to your nearest and dearest may pleasantly surprise you. You’ll find that they know you better than you think. That’s the great thing about all of our members; their profiles are honest and heart warming introductions. No clichéd descriptions or misleading photos in sight.

At the moment datemy is welcoming Matchmakers of all kinds, from sister-in-laws to sons, to siblings, to colleagues and it’s great to see. We’re championing the Matchmakers out there to put their Matchmaker hats on and help someone they know find love!

If you’d like someone to lay the groundwork for you, you can invite your chosen Matchmaker to sign you up.

We hope to see you there! | Help someone find love



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Online Dating in Midlife Onwards – What You Need to Know


It’s time to talk online dating. Online dating in midlife to be precise and who better to talk about it then a woman who has been there, done that and got the stories that prove it?! Todays guest post is by Jacqui Wright, a middle aged goddess living in Manchester with her gorgeous gay housemate. Both are looking for their Prince Charming – could online dating by the key?

Online Dating in midlife is a whole new ball game

Whatever reasons you have for starting online dating when you’re in your prime, there are a few things to consider. It is totally different than when you were dating in your late teens/twenties.

Everyone has baggage. Most have come out of a long term relationship and while some may be looking for a new partner,you need to realise that some are not. Older guys still think they’re players, especially the fat, bald ugly ones sat in a warden controlled flat with access to a computer who send a message to EVERYONE and then get huffy when you don’t reply. Don’t feel bad about ignoring them. When I first started I replied to everyone, but unfortunately this was a green light to a couple of guys who, let’s just say, got a bit giddy.

You might find yourself enjoying a bit of banter on-line with someone, arrange to meet and then at the last minute he might disappear or cancel at the last minute. Don’t ever think this is because of you. It’s not. Chances are he’s living with someone and just seeing what’s on offer. Or alternatively he could turn up and the witty, cheeky, guy you were having fun with online is an old man wearing a fleece, jogging bottoms and old trainers while you’ve turned up giving Joan Collins a run for her money. It’s all part of the game.

Some guys will say they don’t smoke, then turn up smelling like an ashtray. Some guys will put an older photo on and turn up 3 stone heavier than you expected.And some guys will spend all evening talking about their ex. These are usually the kind of dates where I’ve gone home a bit drunk as it eases the pain.

But hopefully most of the guys are looking for the same thing as you. They’ll have the same family values, and you can both look at photos of each other’s grandchildren. They’ve learned some lessons from past relationships and know what they want. They don’t want to date a string of women but they don’t want to drop their standards either,  and why should they? Don’t be shy about messaging someone you like the look of either,some guys appreciate that. They might have wanted to get in touch with you but for whatever reason they thought you might not be interested. But whatever happens and whatever it is you’re looking for, the main thing is to have some fun.

Now go get ‘em girls.

Jacqueline x

Twitter: @awrightdisaster

Blog: For more form Jacqueline pop on over to her blog A Wright Disaster

Jacqueline Wilson – a dating in midlife pro!



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Need a Matchmaker? Ask Your Friends!


I’m pretty sure i’m doing myself out of a job by saying this but….your friends can be awesome matchmakers!

If you are serious about meeting someone then you have to utilise all your existing networks as well as making new ones. So who better to turn to when looking to meet that special someone than your friends? Not only do they know you inside out but they’ll also have your best interests at heart.

Not convinced?

Check out my recent guest post for online dating website with a twist, where you get to play matchmaker and match your friends.

Why Your Friends are Awesome Matchmakers!

Happy matchmaking Cx

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Tinder: What Lies Behind The Swipe?


Tinder is everyone’s favourite dating app.

But what lies behind your swipes? Do we just swipe at random or is there a pattern? Are their certain types of guys who are more popular a side from the obvious model lookalikes!

Hen Heaven (the place to go when booking your hen party) and Cosmo magazine joined forces to do some research into Tinder and what makes people make that swipe. I was honoured to be asked to give my feedback on the results (which are to be announced over the coming weeks on Cosmo online so keep a look out) and to talk about each type of guy, what he’s like and importantly – what he’s looking for.

The men are:

  1. The Hispter
  2. The Lad
  3. The Metrosexual
  4. The Rockstar
  5. The Gym Buff

You can find out about each of these guys and what your tinder swipe really says about you over on Cosmo:

What Your Tinder Swipe Really Says About You

Check back for the results of the study – they’re very interesting! Who do you think would be most popular?


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Give a Girl a Break: 35 is Not Old!

35 is not old

Did you know that men’s sperm count increases with age?

No neither did I. And that’s because it doesn’t. The men of today though seem to think that their little swimmers will live forever. That their sperm is invincible. It conjures up images of a few lonely ol’ sperm playing cards with flat caps on!

The other week I met a 55 year old chap who told me in no uncertain terms that he must meet a woman under 35. Let’s just say that again for dramatic reasons ; He was 55 and would only meet a woman UNDER 35. Any woman older than that age wouldn’t be able to have a child he told me. Apparently fertility seems to drop off the cliff the day you wake up to 35 candles on your birthday cake. In other words he would turn down a date with the gorgeous 41 year old Cameron Diaz. Yeah right!

The conversation took a turn for the worse at this point and you can read al about it in my latest Huffington Post article:

Give a Girl a Break: 35 is NOT Old

What do you think – should men be less ageist? Would you date a 55 year old who wanted children? Share your thoughts below.


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Matchmaker of The Year 2014


Last Thursday was the first ever UK Dating Awards and what a night it was!

Dress finally sorted, shoes brought the night before (always last minute!) and blow dry and make up done at the brilliant Blow bar here in Canary Wharf and I was finally ready to go.

We started with pre drinks at Mcqueens bar in Shoreditch, just myself and a handful of girls to start the celebration off with a glass of champagne. With the Christmas tree up and lights twinkling it certainly got us warmed up and excited for the night ahead. I knew we were in for a great night.

At 7pm we headed to the Honorary Artillery Company (HAC) where the awards were held. How had I not noticed this building before? Absolutely stunning.

uk dating awards

We were greeted with a glass of champagne after walking the red carpet and whilst the girls were ushered to have their photo taken I took my spot ready for my live interview with TV Channel ‘London Live’. All I can say is thank gosh I had only had 1 glass of bubbles!

I babbled on at the presenter and my opening line is “we work with people under 50, so people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s” – are you glad I clarified that for you? ;-) You can check out the interview here: London Live Interview

It was now time to network and with over 270 of the UK’s dating professionals in the room it was a fabulous opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones. From online dating websites, to dating platforms, matchmakers, singles event companies and many more it was awesome to see so many people gather together from the industry. What was even better was that is was a mixture of small, medium and large companies – nobody was left out. The awards were hosted by Rick Edwards who turned out to be quite a hit (sorry ladies he’s taken – I asked!).

But less talk more pictures which highlight the very best parts of the night. First off, the judges….


The UK Dating Awards Judges

Now onto the night itself….


Natalie from City Matchmaker and I first met at the Matchmakers training course, we were sat next to one another so lots of time to catch up.


uk dating awards

The gorgeous ladies from online dating website Strictly Dating who I blog for

It was then time to take our seats ready for the award ceremony and I was lucky to be sat with some of the most amazing people including members of the Mutual Attraction team, Saskia our photographer, Katy who blogs for the Metro and, Natalie from City matchmaker, Sue from Elect Classic and we made new friends with the team from Table 8.

As the awards began it was clear we were a winning table. First Table 8 took the crown for Best Food & Drink Event. They arrange dinner parties for single people who want to dine at some of the top restaurants in London and meet interesting single people at the same time. Split evenly with men and women, they host either tables of 8 or 16 and from Hakkasan to Paramount, they go to all the top places.


Lydia Davis from Table 8 glowing after collecting their well deserved award

Next up this happened……..

blogger of the year katy horwood

Well done Katy on being Blogger of the year AND Best Dating Blog

Katy is a blogging pro and this girl says it how it is! She writes for the Metro, and The Huffington Post to name a few, as well as her own blog All Sweetness and Life being highly recommended by Cosmo.  Katy took home not 1 award but 2, winning Blogger of the Year and Best Dating Blog. Go Katy!

Then it was this incredible lady’s turn to take to the stage winning Best New Dating Individual. Saskia is the founder of Saturday Nights Alright the only UK photographers dedicated on dating. She takes photos of all Mutual Attraction members, took my professional shots and she fricking rocks! As you can tell she much prefers taking the photos to having hers taken!

saskia best dating entrepreneur

Saskia, Mutual Attractions official photographer

Matchmaker of the Year Award

Not long after, and with no nails left I was so nervous, Rick Edwards announced the category for Matchmaker of the Year. Yowza I was one nervous lady! The shortlist was:

  • Lemarc Thomas (Seventy Thirty)
  • Mary Balfour (Drawing Down The Moon)
  • Picnic Project
  • Sue Sherring (Elect Club Classic)
  • Vida Consultancy

First up was the highly commended and that went to CEO of Drawing Down the Moon Mary Balfour who has been in the industry for years.

Then it was time for the biggie – who was the winner? Well………………


Matchmaker of the Year 2014


I did it – I won Matchmaker of the Year 2014! Can I get a serious kick ass whoop whoop?! I wanted to shed a tear or two but I didn’t as I have a rep to protect (who am I kidding?) but I really was quite honoured to win and was up on the stage faster then ive moved in my life! Now the party could really get started…..


Celebrating with dating coach Des O Connor

iwannamarryharry matchmaker

Recognize this Harry lookalike? He’s the fake Harry (aka Matt) from TV show ‘I wanna marry Harry’


The team from dating agency Drawing Down The Moon celebrating Mary Balfour’s Highly Commended award


dating website Christian Connection celebrating their win

Best dating journalist highly commended

Best dating journalist highly commended

uk dating awards loveflutter

Looking good guys from Loveflutter

What a night! There were so many deserving winners, and with 25 categories too many to mention here but do check out the list of winners over on the official UK Dating Awards website: UK Dating Awards Winners 2014

Credit to the judges who worked so hard, 25 categories to judge is no mean feat! The venue staff at the HAC were amazing but most of all, a big thanks to Charly Lester who tirelessly got this event off the ground, spent her nights planning it and lets face it, took a huge gamble – and one that paid off better than any of us could have imagined.

uk datign awards charly lester

Charly Lester – founder of the UK Dating Awards

Signing off to go celebrate so bye for now.


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Dating Website Review Service

Not sure which online dating website to try? Help is at hand with dating website review service

Dating-Experts is an independent comparison service with a mission to deliver honest endorsements and insider industry tips to UK online dating consumers. They spend time reviewing all the major UK dating websites so you don’t have to – genius!

The site has pretty much every dating website under the sun registered and you can search using drop down boxes for price range, type of dating and target age range. So whether you’re looking for casual fun or a long lasting relationship there is something for everyone.

At the moment the focus is purely on online dating websites but that’s all about to change and Mutual Attraction is one of the first dating agencies to register for the service.

It’s 100% free to use so if you’re thinking of using an online dating service why not check it out?

Happy and safe dating


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