Ashley Madison Hacking

ashley madison hacking

Life is Short. Have an Affair.

That’s the slogan for online affair website Ashley Madison. Notice I didn’t say online dating site? This site isn’t anything to do with dating.

For those of you not familiar with Ashley Madison, it’s a website where married people (or those in relationships) go to find someone with whom they can have an affair. Classy right? It also has a reported 37 million users. That’s an awful lot of people doing ‘research’. You see, since users names, email addresses and details have been leaked on the web, the excuse of ‘i was just doing it for research’ keeps cropping up. Yup, and i was born yesterday…..;)

You can read more about theAshley Madison hacking in the guardian ‘Your Questions Answered‘ and on the Telegraph ‘Live Updates‘.

Do I have any sympathy?

No. But i do feel sorry for their partners.

I also think there are lots of fake details on there. As you don’t have to confirm an email to use Ashley Madison it would be pretty easy to register someone as a prank. Equally there are lots of people sweating right now! Josh Duggar from 19 kids and counting has come forward to admit that he had an account spending nearly $1,000 dollars. This is the guy who preaches family values and has a young child with his wife.

I was invited onto Channel 5 news to talk about the leak a few weeks back when it was merely a threat. If you didn’t catch it you can watch a summary here:


Whether you agree with the leak of users or not, there is one lesson to be learnt and this quote sums it up perfectly:

‘Never put anything online you wouldn’t be happy to see on your gran’s coffee table’

Always worth keeping in mind! It’s also a good idea to google your name once in a while to see what comes up….after all you know your date is Googling you (even though I would say don’t do it!!). And i don’t mean that because i think you are up to something dodgy (you aren’t, are you? hehe) but because it’s always good to have an online presence that reflects who you are.

Share your thoughts with me on the hacking over on twitter, as usual, @matchmaker_miss



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The Cost of Dating


How much money do you spend on dating?

Research conducted on behalf of Debt Advisory Centre shows that a fifth of UK adults, the equivalent of 12.4 million people, have covered the cost of dating (in particular a date) using credit, borrowing on average of £164.

That’s a pretty shocking number of people. Maybe I’m a bit cynical but let’s face it, the research was conducted for a debt advisory service! Anyway, putting aside my cynicism, if people really are getting into debt over dating I’m really saddened by it.

Date’s shouldn’t be about how much money you spend or how ‘fancy’ the venue is.

Surely a date should be ALL about the company? Honestly, no date is worth getting in debt for. If they will only give you their attention if you’re spending money then quite frankly you are better off without them. It has no long term potential. One of my first dates with Christian was walking from the Tower of London to Canary Wharf followed by a stop off at Cafe Nero for a much needed warm drink…it was December and freezing!

We chatted the miles away and had a great time getting to know one another. Dates do not have to be expensive; if anything I’d say they should be the opposite, particularly in the early days. Don’t put pressure on yourself and ladies if you expect the guy to pay it is only fair don’t you think?

What do you reckon – should people reign in the spending when it comes to paying for dates? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @matchmaker_miss

I was interviewed by Share Radio about the research which you can take a listen to here:

Date smart and date happy.



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Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast Interview


I love talking all things matchmaking and business so it was a real honour to be invited onto entrepreneur website the ‘Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast’ to talk about launching not just Mutual Attraction, but also the Matchmaker Academy, my training school for matchmakers.

From tackling entrepreneur nerves, attracting clients to dealing with those off days we cover it all! I also give some practical tips and things i wish i had known 4 years ago about running a business!

You can listen to the half an hour Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast here.



Thanks for listening and catch you soon!



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Get Your Surf On With An Adventure Filled Singles Holiday

view from the lodge C. Preseli Venture

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about creating as many opportunities as possible in your life to meet new people.

With that ethos in mind why not try out a holiday for singles? I know what you’re thinking – you’ll be holed up in a tacky hotel somewhere having hours of coaching and cringing the hours away. That’s single holidays of the past!

Take Preseli Venture in Wales for example who offer a five-day adventure holiday for singles, where guests can share inspirational experiences with other adventure seekers. Their accommodation is a 5* eco lodge and the bedrooms are perfect for a relaxing night after a day of thrills. Leap from vertical rock faces into crystal blue water, kayak into incredible coves with the seals, and stargaze around the glow of the bonfire while making lasting relationships.


Does kite boarding, surfing and costal walks sound up your street?

If you’re fed up of sitting in a stuffy bar, instead you can meet incredible people whilst splashing around in the sea, testing your limits and opening your mind to new experiences. One full day and four half days of guided adventure include coasteering, sea kayaking, surfing, a coastal walk, kite boarding, and a horse ride.

Guests spend the evenings watching sunsets over the beach, playing football or pool in the dining area, chilling out at the bar or sitting by the bonfire under the stars. Delicious home-cooked meals are included from lunch on Monday to lunch on Friday and all specialist equipment (including wetsuits) is provided. Each adventure activity is run by a team of friendly and welcoming professionals who love the outdoors.



The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the only coastal national park in the UK, famous for its turquoise waters, amazing wildlife and rugged cliffs – and just 4 hours from London. Preseli Venture offer over 25 years of experience specialising in adventure weekends and holidays including kayaking, surfing, coasteering and coastal walks along the Pembrokeshire cliffs.
Their next Singles Holiday takes place on 31st August-4th September 2015, costing £559pp – be quick as spaces are filling up!
How to get there: trains to Fishguard from London take 5 hours with free transfer to Preseli Venture on arrival. From London by car it takes approximately 4 hours.


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London Live & Channel 5 TV Appearences

Caroline Brealey Channel 5 news

Hello, hello, hello!

Phew, what a busy few weeks it has been! I’ve been busy matchmaking over at Mutual Attraction, launching the next Matchmaker Academy Bootcamp for trainee matchmakers and i’ve been keeping busy in the press talking all things love and dating. Here are a few interviews you might find interesting:

London Live

In 2014 I was awarded ‘International Bets Matchmaker’ Status as well as Mutual Attraction winning the UK Matchmaker of the year at the UK Dating Awards. I was invited to talk on London Live about how matchmaking is changing the face of dating for Londoners.


Channel 5

What did you make of the Ashley Maddison hacking? I shared my views on Channel 5 news….


Happy viewing!


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New Dating Opportunity For Londoners

couple kissing dating opportunity for londoners

‘Looking into Love’ is a new dating opportunity for Londoners!

Are you single? Living in London? Between the ages of 22 and 36?

Then Looking into Love is looking for you! Looking into Love is an online platform where selected singles share their stories online via video. They are called ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’. People vote for their favourite and if they fancy a date with either Adam or Eve they simply upload their own video.

Here’s a run down of how it works:

Successful applicants, let’s call them ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’, are interviewed on camera and tell us about themselves.

These interviews will be posted online, along with a written profile.

Anyone can write in and post their own videos, in the hope of going on a date with Adam or Eve

Video posts of the public’s reactions and responses to possible suitors will be uploaded until the applicants choose their suitors.

The public can also cast their votes, via twitter, Facebook or the website.

If Adam and Eve’s selection is different from the public’s, they attend one date of their choice and a further date with the audience’s selection. if the both parties pick the same date the applicant is free to select a second date.

Clips of dates will be posted on this site, along with a wrap-up interview by each party.

Take a chance and put yourself forward by completing the application form here: Loooking into Love Application Form




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What ‘Married At First Sight’ Tells Us About Relationships

couple getting married, married at first sight

The fact that people are willing to marry a complete stranger gives a clear indication of what dating is really like in 2015 – a messy minefield!

Put simply, people would rather sign a legal document and spend their life with someone they’ve never even met than navigate the dating scene.

We might have more ways to date than ever before – endless dating apps, websites, quirky dating events etc. but it would seem it’s harder than ever to find someone you actually want to spend quality time with – let alone spend your life with!

The show ‘Married at First Sight’ has been a hit in the US and Australia but hasn’t escaped controversy. One of the new brides in the US has taken out a restraining order on her new husband after he reportedly threatened to kill her and her family. Love’s young dream?

What married at first sight tells us about relationships is that dating has gone too far.

The show seems to insinuate there is a magic formula

A formula based in dna that will determine compatability of a match. The truth is, as a matchmaker I know there is no such magic formula! If there were there would be plenty of billionaire matchmakers around and everyone would be in love!

A solid and happy relationship is based on shared values, trust, a mutual respect and the ability to have fun together. Of course physical attraction plays a key part in that too. Then there’s the big thing, the one that nobody really knows much about – chemistry.

Before you know if these things are present, you need to spend time with someone, get to know them, share experiences. Anyone can write on paper they are ‘fun’ (who isn’t?) but it’s hugely subjective. There is no substitute to getting to know someone first hand.


‘Married at First Sight’ is effectively a modern day arranged marriage

Nothing new here in many cultures. Except for the fact in other cultures the matchmaker is often family, a professional in matchmaking or they are well known to the bride/groom. In this show the matchmakers are university psychologists, anthropologist’s….and a vicar! So we have strangers, picking strangers who will marry another stranger. Right. Has Channel 4 gone too far? More importantly, has the world gone utterly bonkers?

I’m all for taking a realistic approach to marriage but this is taking it to the extreme. Jumping into marriage for an experiment is a recipe for disaster. But then at the other end of the scale isn’t waiting for the perfect person, and the perfect relationship at the perfect time equally as unrealistic for success? Where’s the middle ground? It’s likely both extremes will end up unhappy.

I find it genuinely sad these professionals, at the young age of 31and 33, (Emma and James, the first couple, on the show), feel their only option to meet someone to spend their life with is to marry a stranger. That emotionally they are in such a place, they will do anything not to be alone.

I genuinely hope it works out for these couples, for their sake.

This article was first published on The Huffington Post


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Guy Will Pay £6,500 To Anyone Who Finds Him Love


A 29 year old guy from Alabama has said he’ll pay £6,500 to anyone who finds him a girlfriend he dates longer than 6 months.

I LOVE THIS! I admire anyone who truly puts themselves out there for love. This guy is serious about finding an awesome woman and he’s not about to sit on his ass waiting for it to happen, he’s out there giving the universe a push in the right direction.

He also appears to have a cracking sense of humour from his ad on his own website

ren 2


This story got me thinking, how far would you be willing to go to find true love?

What are you doing to give love a helping hand?

What could you be doing?

What price would you put on love?

Ok you don’t have to be as extreme as this guy, but i’m positive that there’s something else you could be doing to improve your chances of meeting someone. Even if it means just a small change in your lifestyle or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a teensy bit.

Love is worth it, go for it!




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Head Judge at the UK Dating Awards

head judge uk dating awards caroline brealey

I’m beyond excited to have been announced as the Head Judge at the UK Dating Awards later this year!

Last year Mutual Attraction was the proud winner of the Matchmaker of the Year Award and it’s fair to say I celebrated hard! So much so I never made the after party, nor in fact did anyone on my table, we blame the white wine ;)

The awards were established 2014 and far from being just for the big shots in the dating industry, they recognise both companies and individuals and celebrate newcomers to the field.

There are 20 different categories including daters favourite dating site, innovation within the dating industry and dating blogger of the year. You can find the full list here.

I will be leading the judging panel, along with founder of the awards Charly Lester who is Global head of Dating for Timeout as well as the writer behind the successful ‘30 dates blog’.

This year the UK Dating Awards will return to the Honourable Artillery Company on November 26th 2015 and i’m already thinking what to wear! For the guys reading this, it’s a woman thing ;)

You can keep up to date with the awards on Twitter.

Enjoy this fabulous sunshine we’re having!



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Matchmaker Training London


Last week I had the honour of working with, and training, a group of amazing people at the Matchmaker Academy matchmaker training weekend here in London.

What can I say? It was an incredible weekend filled with inspiring stories, business savvy discussions and great ideas flying around.

What I found most motivating and inspiring was how much passion was in the room. True, genuine passion for helping people get on the path to love. Whilst matchmaking may still be relatively new to these matchmakers I am in no doubt that they are going to go far. Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger eat your heart out!

Each of the 4 matchmakers who attended the training had a different story. We had matchmakers from Northern Ireland, Italy and the South Downs….what a spread! We were also delighted to have a male matchmaker in our midst. There aren’t enough male matchmakers so i hope this is a sign of things to come!


A great weekend was had by all at the matchmaker training weekend in London

For me, it wasn’t all about teaching matchmaking. I also learnt so much from them. We talked about membership packages, what makes for a compatible match, managing clients expectations, growing a matchmaking business and how to ensure clients have an outstanding service.

A big thank you to our guest speakers who went down a storm. Laura Yates, break up coach, Saskia Nelson, dating photographer and Katy Horwood, dating writer.

If you would like to know more about training for matchmakers please visit: Matchmaker Academy and sign up for our free newsletter where you’ll get a weekly tip on becoming a matchmaker.

Happy dating


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