The Spring Fling London Singles Party


Looking for a London Singles Party with a Twist?!

Then join up to 300 people from across London for a night of outrageous flirting and lots of fun with Original Dating at their Spring Fling. This party features a lock & key icebreaker and loads of speed dating sessions so you’ll effortlessly meet lots of people and have an absolute ball. We’ve booked a top covers band and secured one of The City’s best venues which combined make this party one of the most sociable nights of the year.

300 people are expected and a 50:50 male/female ratio is guaranteed so expect lots of fun! Tickets are £22 but use the promo code: MUTUAL and you’ll get 20% off! BOOK HERE

This is going to be an epic party and here’s the run down of the ‘need to know’s':

Important Information

When: Saturday, 11 April 2015

Where: Anthropologist Bar

Age Guide: 25-40

20:00 – Doors open [Please arrive on time] 20:30 – Lock and key and speed dating sessions begin
23:30 – Final speed dating session ends
00:00 – Last orders at the bar

Fancy winning a pair of tickets?

To win a pair of tickets just send your name and age to by the 9th April and we’ll be in touch if you’re the lucky winner! Good luck x


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London Date Idea: Momo Moroccan Restaurant


On the search for a great London date idea? Then consider Moroccan restaurant Momo’s, in the heart of the West End, for a romantic dinner with charm, ambience and a real authentic Moroccan vibe.

Friday nights are always reserved for my other half Christian. We both work a lot of evenings during the week so we have a rule that Friday night is ‘our night’. Sometimes that means slobbing out on the sofa and other nights, like this week, it means dinner out, this time with friends.

Tucked away on vibrant Heddon Street, I loved Momos the minute I entered. The small of cinnamon and spices filled the air and the dark restaurant was lit with candles. The friendly staff took us to our table which couldn’t have been more perfect.


Our table for 4 was in the right hand corner. It was very dark but this led to the mood of the restaurant and candles gave the perfect amount of light…



We shared a selection of starters including ‘mechouia’ charcoal roasted peppers and paprika which packed a real punch, ‘ceviche of the day’ (fish) with green chilies, fresh lime and coconut milk and the chicken briouat that I had been craving all day.

Roasted Peppers momo


I’m pleased to say it did not disappoint and the subtle saffron and confit apricot paired with the chicken made for a very moreish dish. The seared scallops weren’t for me. I know a run the risk of sounding completely ridiculous if I say they were too fishy (I know, they should be fishy as they are….fish!) but….they were too fishy!! Rather surprisingly my favourite starter was the wood pigeon pastille – pigeon with almonds and cinnamon.


5 starters between 4 of us accompanied with the bread that was out of this world was enough to wet our appetite for the mains, they aren’t large portions but perfectly sized.
We had 2 Couscous Momo – Lamb shank, charcoal grilled lamb skewers and merguez, 1 Lamb couscous – Charcoal grilled skewers of marinated lamb and 1 rabbit tagine. It was here I had SERIOUS food envy! I ordered the lamb couscous and it came out 2 small teeny tiny skewers of lamb. Then the lamb shank came out….it looked AMAZING! I can safely say, it was! Which means Christian had to share and I can tell you he really did NOT want to share! :lol:


I didn’t get any photos of actual food, I tried but it was too dark. Here’s hat the brunch looks like though!

A large bowl of couscous was brought out and served along with a bowl of vegetable in a flavoursome gravy. Overall a delicious meal without feeling stuffed and room for dessert.

It was here Momo triumphed. The chocolate fondant was in no short terms out of this world. Worth going for alone. Usually Christian and I would share but thank god we didn’t or we may have ended up in a fork fight!

chocolate foundant


The real star quality with Momos is not the food. Though delicious, for me it was the setting that made this a special London date venue. Romantic, alluring and intimate yet still with a great atmosphere, Momos is perfect for an end of week date to unwind and start your weekend in style. It is quite dark and perhaps too intense for a first date, but once those ‘do I like you’ initial dates are out the way, reserve a table at Momos.


**Tip – there are some really special, romantic tables and to bag yourself one of these call ahead to make a reservation a few or two in advance. Don’t make a reservation online, instead call and put in a request with the lovely staff who will be happy to oblige do their best for you. Gents – this will go a long way!**


Opening Hours

Momo Restaurant Website


 Restaurant Lunch

Monday – Friday: 12pm to 2.30pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11am to 3pm

Restaurant Dinner

Monday-Saturday: 6:30pm to 1am (11.30pm kitchen closes)

Sunday: 6:30pm – midnight (11.00pm kitchen closes)

Restaurant Brunch

Saturday – Sunday: 11am to 3pm

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Tips for Dating After a Divorce (or a Long Relationship)


Last weekend I met a guy in his 50s who is starting to delve in to the world of dating. After the break down of his 36 year marriage (yowzas) he feels ready to meet someone new, well, he thinks. He’s not quite sure and understandably – it’s a big step!

Because he met his ex wife when he was in his late teens he has never really ‘dated’ as such and Tinder? Well that scared the bejesus out of him (his words!).

Dating after a divorce or long relationship

Scary? Daunting? Exciting? A mixture of all 3?! I teamed up with online dating website to film a short and sweet (i’m talking less than 2 minutes!) video giving you guys a few tips on getting back into the dating saddle!

Bye for now……


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Does How Attractive You Are Dictate Your Online Dating Success?


How many of you would agree that a really attractive person will be amongst the most popular people on an online dating website?

It makes sense right? The better looking you are (or the better the photo) the more people who will want to talk to you and the greater the chance of online dating success.

Therefore attractive person + good photos = lots of messages.

Well, good news for all the non supermodels out there because OK Cupid research has found that how attractive you are does not dictate how popular you are or your online dating success. Hurrah, we can have faith in society once again!

Hannah Fry, a Complexity Theorist (yes I don’t know either!) is all about mathematics. She describes it as the study of patterns and that it can be applied to pretty much anything, including love. Despite love still being one of the worlds mystery’s, Fry argues that patterns can emerge which highlight chances of finding love.

In this Ted talk she outlines her Top Three Mathematically Verifiable Tips For Love:

How to win at online dating

How to pick the perfect partner

How to avoid divorce

This is one of the most interesting, and pretty funny, talks I have heard about dating in a long time and looking at it from a mathematical point of view (minus the scary maths teacher) certainly gives you something to think about….


Caroline x

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Saying Goodbye to a Relationship and Lost Love


When the initial pain, anger and upset of a broken relationship begins to fade, we are often filled with regrets. In particular, regrets around the way the relationship ended.

Saying goodbye to a relationship is an emotional period. In the final stages of a relationship have you ever:

  • Said something cruel and hurtful to the other person?
  • Attacked them with your words in a highly personal way?
  • Done something out of character in a negative way?

I’m ashamed to admit that I can own up to all these at various parts of my life. As a woman in my late teens going through a break up,  I remember calling out my then boyfriend on something I knew he was insecure about. Let’s imagine he was insecure about spots on his face. I basically told him he had horrible spots and nobody would ever like him because of it. How cruel is that? Very. Yes I was heartbroken that he was calling it quits, I was hurt, I was angry and I was upset (and a little embarrassed that he was breaking up with me – has anyone else ever felt that?). It’s no excuse though. I remember perfectly the moment I spat the words at him and the regret I felt within around, ohh, 2 seconds! Too late, the damage was done!

I could never take back those words

I will never forget the crushed look on his face. The fact I remember the event so vividly means it’s something that has ingrained in my memory because it’s a) out of my character b) something I’m ashamed of and 3) left me with regrets.

In the same we often have regrets about the things we said, we often regret the words we didn’t say. Perhaps that’s telling then how much they meant to you or being open and honest as to why the relationship has come to an end. Perhaps you never got a chance to talk after the relationship came to an end. Maybe there was no chance for a last goodbye. The opportunity gone….

This is an area James Ratnarajah, film maker, explores in his short film ‘Where Are You Now’.

Where Are You Now? from James Ratnarajah on Vimeo.

What did I take away from ‘Where Are You Now?’

To never let words go unspoken.

To never take for granted the time my partner and I have together. Also true for family and friends.

To tell those I love how much they mean to me and not wait until tomorrow.

So with that in mind I want to tell you guys how thankful I am that you take time out to read my blog, to comment, to engage with me. I know you’re all busy and have so much choice on what to read. I’m so grateful that you take time to swing on over here.

Much Love

Caroline x

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Spark Dating App – Helping You Find Love on a Crowded Tube!


It was only a matter of time before the tube became the ‘hot’ place to find love in London….excuse the pun :lol:

Ever locked eyes over a crowded tube? Had a ‘moment’ with a stranger? Found yourself having another peek at them over your copy of the Evening Standard only for them to get off at the next stop giving you a last glance and cheeky smile?

Spark dating app aims to stop those ‘missed connections’ by allowing you to connect with fellow passengers via the app.

“But there’s no wifi on the tube?!”

No problem, Spark uses Bluetooth (remember that?!).

You log into the app, find their profile and send them a ‘spark’ which they won’t get until you’ve parted ways. Then it’s up to them to decide whether that spark is mutual, ekk the waiting game!

The idea itself is a good one but unless your fellow tube passenger and crush has already completed a profile you won’t be able to find them. That’s kind of a bummer. But….it also means that if you don’t have an account they can’t find you so you better get one set up just in case! ;-)


Take the chance to ask your crush out on tube and this could be you!

Approaching someone on the tube is a risk, as lets face it, you could be mistaken for a creep and even the happiest of people can become a sweaty grump on the tube. Someone trying to flirt with me on a morning commute before a strong cuppa is going to be getting a strange look. Plus you don’t know if they’re single and even if they are, if they turn down your advances (and what do you even say?) it’s most likely in front of a packaged carriage.

But….and this is a big but…..

I would much rather someone take the initiative and TALK to me.

Heck you can even slip me you business card but grab the moment. I once got asked out by a guy on the tube. He was sat across from me on the jubilee line and we kept locking eyes. It was one of those moments where I could tell he was looking so I got a nervous giggle which resulted in 2 strangers not speaking but cracking up – it was a funny and awkward moment! As I got off at my stop he got off too and he asked me out there and then. Funny thing? I gave him my number and he never called! It was such an awesome moment and the fact he had the balls to ask me out was seriously sexy!

So yep, sign up to Spark, do everything you can to increase your chances of meeting someone incredible. But don’t let it become a replacement to taking action in the moment.


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Mutual Attraction Happy Couple


I love being a matchmaker, particularly when it all comes together!

I have a client who joined Mutual Attraction (my matchmaking agency in London) back in December. She’s late 40’s, pretty, got a great career and has a full and happy life with plenty family and friends. Problem? She wasn’t meeting anyone new.

From the offset I loved working with this client, her attitude and positivity fits so well with Mutual Attraction. She completely threw herself into it and embraced the service wholeheartedly.

  • She took a chance and said YES to dates
  • She made time to meet her dates within the next week
  • She was always prompt, polite and courteously to the men she met
  • She made an effort when going on each and every date

Do you know what? It worked!

A month ago she had a first date with a  great guy

They hit it off, the time flew by and they arranged to see one another again just a few days later. No games. No leaving it 3 days to call and all that crap because, well, they’re not 14 years old!

They liked it each other, they made it clear and they decided together to not see anyone else whilst they continues to go on some dates and see where things headed. Both of them were, and are, realistic that it’s very early days. It might not work out, it could fizzle, a flash in the pan!

Or it could be the person they spend the rest of their life with…now isn’t that an AMAZING thought! Considering the flowers she received after just the first date I have every faith that this gorgeous couple are going to make it work and have a lot of fun on the way!

Why am I sharing this with you? To remind you that this can happen to you! And to stress that attitude counts. It really does. This woman was so lovely, friendly, open and embracing. She didn’t nit pick and make sap judgements. She gave people her time and brought her A game to each and every date. I’ll tell you now she had some good dates and some that were ‘so-so’, they weren’t all perfect.

Next time you have the opportunity to meet someone new or get asked on a date I encourage you to adopt her positive outlook and embrace dating the way she did.

Love is worth it!



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Uk Dating and Relationship Conference 2015


Will you be joining me at the UK Dating and Relationship Conference?

I have a super special invitation to an exciting, one-of-a-kind event…

Would you like to be part of a fun, informative, inspiring and empowering seminar that will help you improve your relationship skills?

You are invited to join me and some of the best dating and relationship experts in the UK at a whole day conference that is the first of its kind – the Dating and Relationship Conference! That’s right, such an awesome conference actually exists!

Our fab speaker line-up includes the following UK dating experts and coaches include:

Des O’Connor – Relationship Expert, Award Winner, Author and International motivational speaker

“The Male and Female Mind: How Men and Women’s Brains are Different When in Relationships – and How Understanding these Differences will Improve Your Love Life”

“7 Easy Steps to Find, Attract and Keep the Right Partner”

“The 7 Biggest Reasons why Men and Women have Affairs: How to Prevent your Partner from Straying”

Elliot Kay – The Coach with the Hat – Peak Performance Coach, Author and International speaker

“How Much Do You Value Your Relationships? The Importance of Understanding Values”

Graham W Price – Chartered Psychologist, Development Trainer, Best-Selling Author and Relationships Coach and Trainer

“How to Deal With Challenges in Relationships and How to Achieve Positive Results“

Louise Cox – Relationship Expert and an Anthony Robbins Qualified Coach in Strategic Intervention, Marriage Education & Divorce

“The 5 Step Blueprint to Get The Relationship You Deserve”

Jill Roberts – Relationship Expert and Inspirational Speaker

“Amazing Relationships: Making Masculine and Feminine Energy Work for You”


This is the UK’s first conference (can I get a woop woop?) exclusively dedicated to dating and relationships. And you don’t have to be single! This isn’t a “singles event” – men and women are welcome to attend whether they’re single, married or in a relationship. Wherever you are in your relationship journey, this event promises to deliver a day filled with informative and inspiring messages.

At our conference, singles, couples and married people will learn how to:

  • Find, attract and keep the right partner
  • Discover why you choose the partners that you choose
  • Understand the opposite sex to improve your future relationships
  • Be more self-confident and love yourself more
  • Let go of any unresolved issues and pain
  • Resolve conflicts with better self-understanding and clearer communication

Are you ready to embrace it and join me at this relationship changing event?!

What: The UK Dating and Relationship Conference

When: Saturday 21st March 2015 at 9:00 a.m until 6:30 p.m.

Where: Holiday Inn Hotel, Bath Road, West Drayton, London UB7 0DP



If you’re coming along I would love to hear from you, tweet me @Matchmaker_miss so I can come and find you to say hi :)

Much Love


P.S. We fully expect that this event will SELL OUT. So please don’t delay – book your ticket now for only £19.97!


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London Date Idea – Pennethorne Cafe Somerset House


I have found a gem of a place for an ideal date in London.

Set in the ‘New Wing’ of beautiful Somerset House, Pennethorne Café Bar is sleek yet comfy, trendy but non pretentious and offers delicious food without a hefty price tag.

The Café itself is beautiful and spacious and it wasn’t long before we were greeted by a relaxed and friendly waiter who found us a perfect spot for an evening of delicious food, good wine and hopefully on your date – great company!


Pennethornes – the perfect setting for a low key date in London

Unlike most venues, the layout of Pennthornes means you can sit across from one another or side by side. This for me was a real winning factor for a date. If the date is going well you may find your date sliding over to you (hello!) to create a more intimate setting but equally for a first date there is plenty of room to spread out.

Small plates – the answer to the ‘first date food’ quandary

The food is served in small plates which as any woman knows, is perfect for those initial dates. Yes we may well love our food but that doesn’t mean we want to shovel it down in front of our date!

I remember my first date with Christian, we went to an Italian and after the starter, thanks to nerves, I was stuffed. I had to wade my way through a massive bowl of spaghetti, slurping as I went! Small plates are ideal for a date. You can order a selection of things to graze on, it provides a perfect talking point and isn’t crazy expensive.


Mushrooms on toast


Plenty of fresh and delicious goodies on offer


Delicious homemade bread. Image by

Delicious homemade bread. Image by

Specialist breads and pastries are made in house and would be the perfect accompaniment to an artesian coffee for a daytime date after a mooch along the Southbank. Or why not check out what’s going on at Somerset House itself? An arts and cultural hub, it has an ever changing exciting calendar of events.

Great service

Our waiter for the night was Freddie and he was brilliant. Despite the fact every time he came over to take our order we were still deep in conversation and had yet to even take a peek there was no eye rolling! He kept the reasonably prices Riesling wine flowing (they also have small carafes of wine available – a nice touch), the food coming and looked after us very well. When you’re on a date you want everything to run smooth, it’s hard enough getting the conversation going without having to flag the waiter down every 10 minutes, none of that at Pennethornes, they are on the ball without being imposing. We never felt rushed.

We didn’t have cocktails but I can safely say they looked amazing! A quick look at the drink menu tells me next time I’m there I’ll be ordering a Nutty Martini – though perhaps the name would scare off any ‘potential suitors’ :-D

My dates for the night!

My dates for the night!

Sharing a selection of meats and cheeses with scrumptious homemade bread the nigt disappeared in a haze of good food, good wine and good conversation. What more could you want for a date?


Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar

Open Monday to Saturday for breakfast through to dinner in addition to a take-away coffee and bakery service.

For more information and menus visit the Pennethornes Cafe Bar website

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday  8.00-22.00
Saturday 10.00-22.00
Sunday  Closed

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Dating in 2015 – Time Out Global Dating Survey Results


The results are in from the Time Out Global Dating Survey 2015 and some of the results may surprise you………

Here’s s run down of some of the facts and figures of dating across the world in 2015:

It takes an average of 2-3 minutes into a date to decide whether you want a second date.

Oh crikey, better make that first impression count, no pressure then!



More than half of my fellow Brits research their date online before meeting.

This might be a good time to do a quick Google of yourself and watch in horror as you realise you can’t delete that geeky picture of yourself in the local newspaper from 8 years ago – where did that come from?! Cringe.

Time Out Dating Survey 5

Are you surprised to hear those working in banking and the financial sector and what women are looking for?

Luckily for the creative sorts of the UK 13% of women love a guy in a creative job and similar goes for girls working in design and fashion……

Time Out Dating Survey 4

Finally the night ends with 15% of you saying ‘you’re lovely but lets just be friends’ that ol’ chestnut!

21% of you feel thoroughly awkward, 40% ending in a second date and interestingly 20% of your dates end in nudity! ;)

How Dates End


One thing is for sure, by the looks of this there is no such thing as an average date and you never know how it might end. So put your best smile on, remember to dress to impress (you have just a few minutes after all, ek!) and have some fun!

You can check out the full Global Dating Survey results here.


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