New Dating Opportunity For Londoners

couple kissing dating opportunity for londoners

‘Looking into Love’ is a new dating opportunity for Londoners!

Are you single? Living in London? Between the ages of 22 and 36?

Then Looking into Love is looking for you! Looking into Love is an online platform where selected singles share their stories online via video. They are called ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’. People vote for their favourite and if they fancy a date with either Adam or Eve they simply upload their own video.

Here’s a run down of how it works:

Successful applicants, let’s call them ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’, are interviewed on camera and tell us about themselves.

These interviews will be posted online, along with a written profile.

Anyone can write in and post their own videos, in the hope of going on a date with Adam or Eve

Video posts of the public’s reactions and responses to possible suitors will be uploaded until the applicants choose their suitors.

The public can also cast their votes, via twitter, Facebook or the website.

If Adam and Eve’s selection is different from the public’s, they attend one date of their choice and a further date with the audience’s selection. if the both parties pick the same date the applicant is free to select a second date.

Clips of dates will be posted on this site, along with a wrap-up interview by each party.

Take a chance and put yourself forward by completing the application form here: Loooking into Love Application Form




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What ‘Married At First Sight’ Tells Us About Relationships

couple getting married, married at first sight

The fact that people are willing to marry a complete stranger gives a clear indication of what dating is really like in 2015 – a messy minefield!

Put simply, people would rather sign a legal document and spend their life with someone they’ve never even met than navigate the dating scene.

We might have more ways to date than ever before – endless dating apps, websites, quirky dating events etc. but it would seem it’s harder than ever to find someone you actually want to spend quality time with – let alone spend your life with!

The show ‘Married at First Sight’ has been a hit in the US and Australia but hasn’t escaped controversy. One of the new brides in the US has taken out a restraining order on her new husband after he reportedly threatened to kill her and her family. Love’s young dream?

What married at first sight tells us about relationships is that dating has gone too far.

The show seems to insinuate there is a magic formula

A formula based in dna that will determine compatability of a match. The truth is, as a matchmaker I know there is no such magic formula! If there were there would be plenty of billionaire matchmakers around and everyone would be in love!

A solid and happy relationship is based on shared values, trust, a mutual respect and the ability to have fun together. Of course physical attraction plays a key part in that too. Then there’s the big thing, the one that nobody really knows much about – chemistry.

Before you know if these things are present, you need to spend time with someone, get to know them, share experiences. Anyone can write on paper they are ‘fun’ (who isn’t?) but it’s hugely subjective. There is no substitute to getting to know someone first hand.


‘Married at First Sight’ is effectively a modern day arranged marriage

Nothing new here in many cultures. Except for the fact in other cultures the matchmaker is often family, a professional in matchmaking or they are well known to the bride/groom. In this show the matchmakers are university psychologists, anthropologist’s….and a vicar! So we have strangers, picking strangers who will marry another stranger. Right. Has Channel 4 gone too far? More importantly, has the world gone utterly bonkers?

I’m all for taking a realistic approach to marriage but this is taking it to the extreme. Jumping into marriage for an experiment is a recipe for disaster. But then at the other end of the scale isn’t waiting for the perfect person, and the perfect relationship at the perfect time equally as unrealistic for success? Where’s the middle ground? It’s likely both extremes will end up unhappy.

I find it genuinely sad these professionals, at the young age of 31and 33, (Emma and James, the first couple, on the show), feel their only option to meet someone to spend their life with is to marry a stranger. That emotionally they are in such a place, they will do anything not to be alone.

I genuinely hope it works out for these couples, for their sake.

This article was first published on The Huffington Post


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Guy Will Pay £6,500 To Anyone Who Finds Him Love


A 29 year old guy from Alabama has said he’ll pay £6,500 to anyone who finds him a girlfriend he dates longer than 6 months.

I LOVE THIS! I admire anyone who truly puts themselves out there for love. This guy is serious about finding an awesome woman and he’s not about to sit on his ass waiting for it to happen, he’s out there giving the universe a push in the right direction.

He also appears to have a cracking sense of humour from his ad on his own website

ren 2


This story got me thinking, how far would you be willing to go to find true love?

What are you doing to give love a helping hand?

What could you be doing?

What price would you put on love?

Ok you don’t have to be as extreme as this guy, but i’m positive that there’s something else you could be doing to improve your chances of meeting someone. Even if it means just a small change in your lifestyle or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a teensy bit.

Love is worth it, go for it!





p.s I will inevitably end up getting tons of requests through Mutual Attraction now this story is out there with people asking us to do the same – match them and they’ll pay us after. Sorry, but you don’t work for free and neither do matchmakers!

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Head Judge at the UK Dating Awards

head judge uk dating awards caroline brealey

I’m beyond excited to have been announced as the Head Judge at the UK Dating Awards later this year!

Last year Mutual Attraction was the proud winner of the Matchmaker of the Year Award and it’s fair to say I celebrated hard! So much so I never made the after party, nor in fact did anyone on my table, we blame the white wine ;)

The awards were established 2014 and far from being just for the big shots in the dating industry, they recognise both companies and individuals and celebrate newcomers to the field.

There are 20 different categories including daters favourite dating site, innovation within the dating industry and dating blogger of the year. You can find the full list here.

I will be leading the judging panel, along with founder of the awards Charly Lester who is Global head of Dating for Timeout as well as the writer behind the successful ‘30 dates blog’.

This year the UK Dating Awards will return to the Honourable Artillery Company on November 26th 2015 and i’m already thinking what to wear! For the guys reading this, it’s a woman thing ;)

You can keep up to date with the awards on Twitter.

Enjoy this fabulous sunshine we’re having!



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Matchmaker Training London


Last week I had the honour of working with, and training, a group of amazing people at the Matchmaker Academy matchmaker training weekend here in London.

What can I say? It was an incredible weekend filled with inspiring stories, business savvy discussions and great ideas flying around.

What I found most motivating and inspiring was how much passion was in the room. True, genuine passion for helping people get on the path to love. Whilst matchmaking may still be relatively new to these matchmakers I am in no doubt that they are going to go far. Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger eat your heart out!

Each of the 4 matchmakers who attended the training had a different story. We had matchmakers from Northern Ireland, Italy and the South Downs….what a spread! We were also delighted to have a male matchmaker in our midst. There aren’t enough male matchmakers so i hope this is a sign of things to come!


A great weekend was had by all at the matchmaker training weekend in London

For me, it wasn’t all about teaching matchmaking. I also learnt so much from them. We talked about membership packages, what makes for a compatible match, managing clients expectations, growing a matchmaking business and how to ensure clients have an outstanding service.

A big thank you to our guest speakers who went down a storm. Laura Yates, break up coach, Saskia Nelson, dating photographer and Katy Horwood, dating writer.

If you would like to know more about training for matchmakers please visit: Matchmaker Academy and sign up for our free newsletter where you’ll get a weekly tip on becoming a matchmaker.

Happy dating


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Tips For Dating a Non Sport Fan!


Does your girlfriend not share your passion for sport?

Today my blog is being taken over by Sam at and it;s one for the guys!

If your loved one is a sports fan, then you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about any problems when watching a football match. But if she’s not, I have a few suggestions to help you balance sports and dating.

I was out with my girlfriend the other day. We burned our tongues with a few hot chicken wings partnered with beer. I lost track of the time and it turned out that there was a football game on. To make the story short, I got busted for wandering a couple of times. And guys, just a hint, if you’re going to make an alibi I don’t recommend telling her “I was just checking out that chick.” That would make it worse.

Given that situation, here’s what we can do.

Every girl loves that surprise unexpected break from work so take her to lunch during the week. But make sure the coast is clear. You wouldn’t want to get screwed.

Check the game schedule. Your team could have a break for a week. You can score extra points when you take her out during game night. It can show her that being with her is more important than watching the game.

Take her with you. If she agrees to go, she cannot complain anymore once you’re both there. And who knows she might suddenly cheer for your team. At they asked a 100 people if sports got in the way of there love life, only 21% agreed that sports do get in the way of there relationship as they are not a mutual sports fan.

Here are other additional tips you should remember:

Most women have natural instincts. Faking that you’ll tie your shoe to check the scores will get you caught every time.

If you want to try checking Sky Sports on your phone, ABORT MISSION I repeat ABORT MISSION. That also covers girls’ instinct. And please, she isn’t dumb enough to believe you’re sending a picture message to your mum.

If you’re out of excuses, go on a double with a much bigger sports fan than you. In that case, you’ll indirectly justify yourself and she’ll lower her expectations on you during dates. Pretty soon, you wouldn’t have to run out of excuses during an exciting football match!

Post written by Sam Hadi at wowdate

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A Mutual Attraction Wedding!


A big congratulations to Amy and Josh, a couple I matched 3 years ago who are today getting married :-P 

I could not be happier for this gorgeous couple who deserve so much love and happiness. Amy joined Mutual Attraction because she found she wasn’t meeting the right type of guys, she has a great job in the medical field, works and plays hard and online dating was becoming a bit of a bore. She wanted to meet someone on her wave length without the randomness of blind dates.

Josh was the fifth guy she met through us and I know she won’t mind me saying (because we’ve joked about it with Josh!) that after the first date she wasn’t too sure. She thought he was nice enough but wasn’t sure she fancied him! Fortunately, over the next few dates things went from better to better and  shortly after both put their memberships on hold.

The rest you might say, is history!

Have a fantastic day and a wonderful honeymoon in Thailand xx


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Matchmaker Monday Tips

matchmaker monday tip 1

As many of you know, I run a matchmaker training school called Matchmaker Academy.

I love it, it’s ‘serious fun’ (yes that really does exist!) and I get to work with people who are not only changing their lives, but other peoples too.

I have just launched a new free newsletter called ‘Matchmaker Tip Monday’ where, you guessed it, I send out a new tip on how to become not just a matchmaker, but a reputable and successful one who goes the distance both in business and in supporting their clients.

To celebrate i’m sharing the first tip that went out a few weeks back with you guys. If you’re a matchmaker at heart and want to receive the weekly matchmaker tip then sign up for free here:

Matchmaker Monday Tip #1

Matchmakers often talk about their ‘network’.

Their network is their baby! It’s made up of single men and women in their clients target group. So, for example, if your clients are Jewish females looking to meet a Jewish man then you guessed it, the network will be made up of vetted Jewish men!

Sounds straightforward right? Ask any experienced matchmaker and they will tell you that building your network is one of the hardest parts of the job. Which brings us on nicely to our first matchmaking tip…..

Grow Your Network of Single People From Day 1 and Continue to Grow Daily

Your network is your business. Begin growing and nurturing it from Day 1. Start building your network BEFORE you take on clients. It is never to early to start!
Have a great week and don;t forget sign up to get your free matchmaking tips here:
Much Love

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London Date Idea: Ice Bar

ice bar cover

I’ve often said that the best dates are where you’re doing something. With that in mind I tried out the ICEBAR LONDON to channel my inner Frozen.

Tucked away at the end of Heddon Street you would hardly know it’s there. Today we would be doing the ice bar followed by a 3 course dinner and we opted to do the ice bar first which was a good call.

We arrived 20 minutes before our 6:30pm slot and were served by a friendly guy before taking a seat in the bar.

The Cocktails sounded delicious

Vanilla and Apricot Sour and Lavender Margarita caught my attention. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite have time for them so here’s a tip for you – if you go to the ICEBAR LONDON, get there a bit earlier to have a cocktail! It also builds up the anticipations which I know sounds silly, you know you’re going into a freezing cold freezer but even still there’s something a bit exciting about it!

Soon enough 6:30pm came around and we lined up ready to get our sexy blue jackets. Actually, they could have been worse and were blue ponchos with mittens hanging out the end – kind of like the ones you had at school back in the day :-)

I don’t want to state the obvious here but as you walk in something hits you….

It’s cold. Very cold. Did I mention I don’t do cold well? Yup, great decision to come to an ice bar! ;)

Whilst others dashed for the bar we decided to have a look around. It’s relatively small but big enough and they have some fun additions which of course mean compulsory photos.

Here’s Christian with an icy pineapple….

Ice bar pineapple

Here I am driving an ice bus…..

ice bar car

Looking ‘cool’….excuse the pun!

posing in the ice bar

A drink is included so we headed to the bar. They have a special ‘ice bar’ cocktail menu and they all sounded pretty good to me! I opted for a Pineapple Express (Havana Club Especial Rum, Apricot Brandy Liqueur, Cherry Brandy Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup) whilst Christian settled for the Tropical Sensation (Absolut Blue Vodka, Blueberry Liqueur, Tropical Fruit Juice, Lemon Juice, Strawberry Syrup).

What can I say? We picked well!

Mine kicked a hefty punch and was delicious too. They come in ice glasses (of course) and once you’ve had your cocktail you can head on up the bar again as all the cocktails are available to buy.

ice bar 3

We grabbed a seat and did some people watching.

I had expected a lot of tourists and whilst there were some, there were also a lot of couples on dates and a group of older men who were being all masculine and saying it wasn’t cold enough. They said this whilst sporting bright red noses and hopping from foot to foot so one can only assume they were in fact, freezing :P

Halfway through our 40 minute session I started to get cold toes.

This is the perfect opportunity to test how chivalrous your date is

Do they try to warm you up or do they leave you to fend for yourself as each one of your fingers turn blue? I saw both :P

With 10 minutes to spare we could take no more, I know, what wusses! We were the first to leave but we saw another couple lingering…they just didn’t want to be the first ;)

We headed back into the bar and started to slowly defrost. After a bit of a warm up we headed downstairs to the restaurant and were seated in a nice booth. The package we were on included the ice bar experience and dinner and a drink. Cocktails were in order and very welcomed (and good)…

ice bar 2

First up for both of us was the Icebar Friend Chicken presented in a little bag. This was good but a spicy BBQ sauce would have made it better.

ice bar chicken

Next up was burgers all round, well, for the 2 of us. Fatal error on my part. As it was a ‘date’ I had worn a gorgeous dress. You know the type ladies, you feel super-hot in it, except it’s tight. Very tight. And you can’t breathe. But you look good so hey ho. It’s one of those dresses! Half way into my burger and fries (which was so heavy it felt like a brick!) I was stuffed. Luckily Christian managed to polish mine off too ;) It was a shame I couldn’t manage it as it was good.

By the time dessert came we were so full I literally managed a mouthful but my treacle tart was nice and Christian said the dark chocolate parfait was good but I think by then he was too stuffed!

We waddled out of the ice bar having had a great night.

Plenty to keep us entertained, nice food, excellent drinks and good fun

I would say it’s probably a bit much for a first date, but once you’ve hit the third date mark it’s a great way to spend an evening and have fun together.

Check out the ICEBAR LONDON website here.


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Chemistry on a First Date? Don’t Expect it

couple laughing on date

Chemistry is such a magical word isn’t it?

It conjures up images of a mysterious potion that makes us fall hopelessly in romantic love.

These days most of us know that first dates don’t always (never!) go to plan. Awkward silences, cringy jokes and jilted conversations are the norm. That’s what happens when you meet a stranger outside the tube and proceed to vet them for the next hour…because no matter how you say you’re not doing that we all know that’s exactly what you’re doing!

That doesn’t mean, though, that we’ve let go of the romantic notion of first dates. Those dreamy ones where it’s love at first sight, where you know that very moment this is going to be the person you marry as they sweep you off your feet. You know, the kind of dates you hear about but never seem to happen to you.

We put too much emphasis on chemistry

Not just chemistry, instantaneous chemistry. We want it to hit us like a ton of bricks and take our breath away. We want to feel floored that we have found them, the elusive ‘one’. About bloody time to. We want to feel so connected and entwined with someone that we feel like we’ve known them all our life. We want to feel a spark, fireworks, zing, whatever you want to call it; you want to feel it.

In a nutshell we want to feel all of the above over a glass on pinot at the local pub with a stranger we met five minutes ago.

Call me an old cynic but isn’t that rather a big ask?

Yes it happens in the movies. Yes it happens to friends of friends (though coincidentally know one you know) and yes it would be fantastic if that happened. But it doesn’t happen for most of us. I bet you’re thinking I’m a real ball of laughs right now aren’t you?

I got the inspiration for this post from a client I’m working with. She told me she wasn’t going to see a guy again who had her in stitches laughing throughout their date. This was the same guy who organised an incredible date for her and who she told me was really cute and smart. As she told me she wasn’t going to see him again because she didn’t feel any romantic chemistry my jaw hit the floor. She had just been raving about him for 10 mins!

Don’t wait for a magic spark to hit you in the face

Those sparks often start out as teeny tiny sizzles that grow. Don’t write off someone you. Give it a chance, take the opportunity, explore and give chemistry a chance to develop. After all, the best things in life are worth taking time for.




Pstttttt! This is a copy of my article on the Huffington Post which can be found here: Chemistry on a First Date? You’ll be Lucky.

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