I’m Engaged!!


It’s finally happened…..Christian popped the question and we’re engaged!

Last week was my 31st birthday so my other half Christian and I booked ourselves into a romantic hotel in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds.

We have been together a little over 3 years and whilst I had hoped he might pop the question someday soon, he was giving nothing away!

After breakfast last Saturday it was time to don the wellies and set off on a 4 hour walk through the picturesque countryside, stopping off en route to enjoy the cold but welcomed sunshine.

This will forever be my favourite picture

Not because I look like the Michelin man i’m so wrapped up (!!) but because little did I know that Christian would be asking me to marry him in just a few short hours. Actually he was contemplating doing it as this was taken but he decided to wait – I wondered why he went a little weird :)

After lunch at a gorgeous pub in the village of Burford we took a cab back to our 600 year old inn The Old Swan and Minster Mill. Christian ran me a bath so I could defrost after our long walk and I lay relaxing thinking what a fantastic weekend it had been so far. Christian said he was going to warm my dressing gown on the radiator for when I was ready to get out. He then came in the bathroom, knelt down next to me and told me how much he loved me. He gave me a kiss and said  “I’m on my knees and I want to marry you”.

The next second a ring appeared!

I burst out crying!

Don’t worry – i’m not in the bath in this photo hehe ;)

I always had this image that I would be refined but that all went out the window! I sobbed like a child and couldn’t stop shaking for around 2 hours after! We sat on the bed excitedly chatting for the next few hours drinking champagne. It was a moment I want to remember for the rest of my life – just the 2 of us excitedly planning the future.

Of course on a special occasion like this we needed to celebrate…..

Your happily ever after
Right now I’m on cloud nine but I also know how lucky I am.

5 years ago I was on a plane back from Hong Kong heartbroken that my then boyfriend had left me for another women leaving me alone in the City. It was a rough ride getting over that. Of course, I did eventually and went on to meet the man who is my best friend and world and it WILL happen for you too.

Stay open to love, stay open to opportunities to embrace and meet new people and above all, be happy.

Caroline x

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Want to be a Professional Matchmaker?


Have you ever fancied yourself as a modern day cupid?

If you’re interested in becoming a professional matchmaker and getting paid to help others fall in love then I have just the opportunity for you!

Aside from recruiting a new matchmaker at my award winning dating agency Mutual Attraction (application here) we’re soon to launch the next round of our online interactive Matchmakers training which will have you go from “I want to be a matchmaker but have no idea what to do” to launching your very own matchmaking service, wherever in the World you are, and making it your career.

The next round our online interactive matchmaking course starts in March and runs for 8 weeks. We take just 6 applicants each course as you’ll also receive personal mentoring from myself so you can launch a profitable matchmaking business from your own home in just 8 weeks.

Here’s what we cover:

The role of a Matchmaker

  • Your role and responsibilities

Research and Planning

  • Researching your market
  • Deciding your niche
  • Writing your business plan and a 1:1 session with myself to review

Legitimising Your Business – The Nuts and Bolts

  • Registering and trademarking your matchmaking business
  • Data protection, computer software and client information protection
  • Web domain and website
  • Finance

Your Matchmaking Business

  • Deciding your matchmaking offer
  • Price structure
  • Building your network

Attracting Clients

  • Public Relations
  • Adverting
  • Blogging
  • Social media

Signing up Clients

  • Initial consultations
  • Selling your service
  • Contracts


  • Client forms
  • Client profiles
  • Matchmaking
  • Executive search

Growing Your Business

  • Creating a sustainable business
  • Customer service

Each week you will:

  • Have a new subject area module that will be broken down into several smaller chapters
  • For each chapter there will be a video filled with knowledge and experience
  • For each chapter there will be a fillable worksheet and actions to bring yourself a step closer to launching your matchmaking service
  • A group live call for Q&A to discuss the module and answer your questions
  • Real examples of all forms and agreements
  • Guest speakers from some of the top experts in the industry
  • Ongoing support in our own private Facebook group

If you want to become a Matchmaker and have been sitting on the fence I can assure you that this course will give you the knowledge needed to not only start and launch your own matchmaking service, but to make it highly profitable. matchmaking is a great career either full or part time.

If you’ve already read my book ‘Become a Matchmaker’ and are questioning how this is different, the book scratches the surface in comparison to the deeper level of learning and business development we’ll go into on this course. I’m going to warn you it’s intense so you have to be fully committed and of course…..a true romantic at heart!

To get updates on the training programme please register your interest at: Training@matchmakeracademy.co.uk

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Chocolate Tour – The Perfect Date Idea!


What can you do to make your date extra special, sweet and memorable? Take them on a chocolate tour of course!

I have some serious sugar loving teeth (I know I know it’s the demon) so when the chance came to go on a 3 hour chocolate tour with Chocolate Ecstasy I thought I had died and gone to chocaholic heaven*.

The 3 hour tour started by meeting at 10am (on a Saturday) outside Sketch on Conduit Street. It was a cold morning, bitter, so of course I forgot my hat AND gloves. I blamed Christian, it was definitely his fault. A quick dash to accessorize and we were rocking up to Sketch on time, excited and me a bit too snug but I daren’t say anything after C forked out for the third pair of gloves for me this side of Christmas. :lol:


It was 1 degree outside, bit nippy but who the heck cares “Give me Chocolate”!

Our tour guide for the day Kirsty signed us in. She is probably one of the most likeable and sweet girls i’ve ever met and she knows her milk tray from her Green and Blacks. Not that there were any milk tray on this tour. Oh no, this was about the real good stuff. After we were all signed in we headed into the parlour at Sketch where an area at the back was nicely set up. I had never been in here and it was a beautiful place to stop for pastries, breakfast or coffee. Definitely recommend. We all introduced ourselves and Kirsty gave us some background info on chocolate, how it’s made etc.

Our first chocolate of the day was a delicious, rich hot chocolate with froth. Soooo good!



It was served with a small apple pastry which was as equally divine and lovely and warm and fresh. We then did a bit of tasting of chocolate slabs and Kirsty explained what to look out for such as a good ‘crack’ when you break the chocolate. It was all very cosy and lovely in Sketch and we had a quick toilet stop in the award winning loos. It took me back to a date I had here years ago, try working out these loos when you’ve had one too many to drink ;)


A selfie in the toilets? We’re a class act!



It was then onto our first chocolate shop which was quite far away – next door! The East India Company has some of the most gorgeous tea sets. The type you would love but know you would smash in 2 seconds flat! Here we tried lots of different chocolates – white, dark, flavoured all of which were very different. Some were lovely and others not so much but part of the fun is just having a little sample. We were a small group of around 12 and it was amusing watching every ones faces. it’s true what they say ” one persons chocolate nightmare is another’s dream”**


After a little while looking around the shop (we got 10% discount at all the shops we visited) it was onto the next. Good ol Charbonnel et Walker, home to the famous champagne pink truffle. I have been lucky enough to have these before and they’re delicious, if a little too strong for me but it was lovly to taste one again. They had a great display for Valentines day, did you know these truffles alone make up for 50% of what Charbonnel et Walker sell? Kirsty gave us the background to the shop, all very interesting.




Next it was on to Prestat. I’ve never been in here and this one was a tiny but cosy shop (great for a date – no excuse needed to casually drape your arm around their shoulder!). A bit of background info on the shop and we were in selecting our 2 truffles which again were delicious, so much so we brought some to take home! I probably haven’t mentioned that much chocolate tasting but I can assure you that you have plenty, so much so that by this point I was basically waving the white flag. The chocolate we tasted is all very high quality and rich so it’s not like munching your way through a toblerone!


Now it was time for a bit of a walk over to Soho for the final stop of the day, down past Burlington arcade and into a shop called paul a young which had a very tempting large table of chocolates right in front of us. They looked amazing! A chocolatier Paul Young has won all the top gongs for chocolate and we could hear it being made on site downstairs. I opted for a blood orange chocolate and it was delicious…I gave the marmite one a miss ;) The one that was called Yorkshire tea and biscuits definitely looked good!


Just over 3 hours had passed now and I was well and truly chocolated out!

It was such a great morning, interesting fun and I came away thinking what a perfect date idea it is. There’s something to focus on and keep you chatting, there’s little pressure on you both so you can get to know one another and have some fun – oh and taste a lot of chocolate too. Could there be a better date?!

Our tour was with Chocolate Ecstasy and I would definitely recommend them, they knew their stuff, were lovely and made it a really enjoyable experience.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to crawl under the duvet and have sweet dreams of salted caramel chocolates…..

Caroline x


*Not to be mistaken with chocoholics anonymous which is a whole different ball game ;)

** I’m actually the only person to have ever said that, I fibbed!

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Matthew Hussey Live at the 02 Review


What happens when you put 1500 single women in one room?

A lot of dancing it turns out, that and massaging one another’s shoulders! But before any of you single guys go getting any ideas of gate crashing (I know what you’re thinking, ‘single women massaging one another – yes please’!) this event was solely for women.

So where was I? At the Matthew Hussey Live ‘Get The Guy’ event in Indigo, the 02.

I have followed him online for some time and I have to take my cap off to him. At just 27 he has built a brand people twice his age would kill for. He has amassed thousands of followers all over the world, has a best selling book under his belt, is on TV screens all over America and is a matchmaker on Eva Longoria’s TV programme.

Matthew Hussey Live at the 02

The day started off a little confusingly. I was under strict instruction’s to be there by 10am, which I have to tell you, on a Saturday morning after a long ass week at work felt very early. Imagine my grumpiness then, when we arrived to find the VIP box office wasn’t open yet and in fact the meet and greet with the main man himself didn’t start until 11am…that’s a whole extra hour in bed I missed out on! Don’t come between a girl and her beauty sleep ;) This slightly chaotic organisation continued throughout the day but it didn’t really matter.

To pass the time a strong cuppa and some good stuff for my body was needed and fortunately there was an All Bar One serving breakfast.


Matthew Hussey Mania

At 11am I made my way to the VIP meet and greet which was extra in the cost of the ticket (though I kindly got given mine complimentary to check it out). This was where I first stumbled across ‘Matthew Hussey mania’. Women scrambling to talk to him. Well I assume it was him. There was so many people around him it was like bees round a honey pot. With not a chance of getting near him I instead opted to find friends who had already taken their seat in the venue for the 12pm start.


Matthew Hussey at the Meet and Greet

Dotted around in pink t-shirts were Matthew’s team helping people, encouraging everyone to talk to one another and generally being lovely. We found out after most of them had been on a retreat he hosts and that naturally gets plugged quite a lot through the day though having looked it up, it looks a worthwhile and interesting 5 days. They told us there would be no breaks throughout the day….no breaks?! In the style of life coach Tony Robbins the day would be fully immersive. I suppose the logistics of all those women going to the loo at the same time might cause the venue to break  :-)

The main issue with not having any breaks was that the event went on from 12-7:30pm. That’s a long time to go without eating if you weren’t aware there would be no pause. If you plan on going to the event – take snacks!


View from the balcony – getting busy!

When I popped to get some food I saw approximately 300 women in line waiting to collect their tickets. Because of this it didn’t kick off till gone 12.30 but by then even I was at fever pitch excited and i’m not a single woman eagerly awaiting his advice! There was a real buzz in the air….and then Matthews dad came on. I’m sure he’s lovely and the older members of the crowd were practically salivating but how to bring a hyped up crowd down in 60 seconds! 15 minutes later he was still going on about, well, im not sure. Eventually on Matthew came and now I could see why there were 1500 women in the room…

matthew hussey review




He’s a Hot, Flirty, Buff, Sex God of a Man

He’s a charmer. One of those men who just knows what to say. And he’s funny too.

Like my matchmaking idol Paul Carrick Brunson, Matthew Hussey has a way of keeping people engaged, enthralled and laughing. It makes for a lethal and infectious combination. So much so that despite there being no practical advice for at least the first 2 hours but who the heck cares?! We were all having too much of a good time and it certainly set the scene and made you feel like he knew you and knew what you were going through dealing with those troublesome men ;)

At one point he got 2 women on the stage and practised ‘the eyes’ on them. In other words, making eye contact. When he did it I thought several of the women were going to pass out! As the day went on we learnt about making ourselves approachable so guys feel they can come up to us, text messaging responses and general dating tips. Nothing was rocket science but the way he presented the information made it fun and relatable.

I didn’t agree with everything. When he told us to always speak on the phone to men we’ve met online before agreeing to a date I had to disagree. In theory that works but not in practise. I know first hand from my own dating experiences and from clients at my dating agency, Mutual Attraction, that men just aren’t great on the phone – especially when they don’t know you. Sure the Matthew Husseys of the world are dynamic and full of banter on the phone but your average man? Not so much. Judging someone from a phone call is risky business.

It’s Very ‘American’

Matthew is British but has been working in the States for some time and boy did that show – what with getting up and dancing and rubbing one another shoulders to massage them I found it all a little cheesy, and this coming from the girl who loves Disney World! He mentioned at one point that many of us don’t let go and dance rigidly (this is when we were all up on our feet), and those people who do that are often the same in their dating life – rigid and take themselves too seriously. Well I must be one miserable mother fu***er then because dancing widely in a room of strangers just isn’t my thing. Fortunately, I’m ok with that. :lol:

By 5pm I had a numb bum and decided to make my exit but had to do the shuffle of shame along the row. I practically crawled out on my hands and knees to the glaring eyes of his supporters.  It had started getting a bit ‘culty’ with women from his retreat getting up and doing a wiggle dance in their matching ‘Matthew Hussey’ tshirts’. Talking to some of the women made me a bit on edge. I make no exaggeration when I say some of these women were obsessed with Matthew, a quick google of his name proves the point. Begin typing his name and the first search term that pops up is ‘Matthew Hussey wife?’….need I say more? Oh and a woman a few rows back kept shouting ‘we love you Matthew’.

Lifestyle Retreat

Whilst I left early some friends didn’t and the event wrapped up at 7.30pm after a hard sell for his Lifestyle Retreat. I am sure there will have been many women sign up and if it helps them on their dating journey? Then it will be worth every penny. In fact it has some great reviews online.

Would I recommend going to see Matthew Hussey live? Absolutely, it was an enjoyable day and if anything – he’s very easy on the eye ;)

Happy dating

Caroline x

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Show Someone You Love Them – Sainsburys Magazine


With Valentine’s day fast approaching there’s no better time than to turn your thoughts to love.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone you love and whom loves you back (and trust me, you are lucky) then ask yourself ‘how can I show this person how much they mean to me today and everyday?’

Those of you who know my other half Christian know that he’s not one for big romantic gestures. In fact, if I were on the receiving end of one I’d probably be thinking what has he done now?!  :-P

I feel loved every single day, despite the lack of flowers and love letters and expensive trips to Paris (though if you’re reading this C I can picture myself wearing a beret and croissant in hand!). For me, love has always been about those little things in day to day life that are small gestures but mean so much. Like when I get brought breakfast in bed of a weekend, or I come home after a long day and dinner is cooking, or he sits and listens to me whilst I offload and gives me a big cuddle. It’s when he takes the bins out because he knows I hate it or when he realises my hairdryer is breaking and I get one in the post the next day.

The little gestures of love go a long way and that’s exactly what I talk about in this months Sainsbury’s Magazine – 50 ways to show someone you love them.



Whether you believe in celebrating Valentines day doesn’t matter, showing someone you love them everyday is far more important.

Much love, happiness and gratitude.

Caroline x

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New Year Habits **FREE Goodies**!


Do you want 2015 to be the year you have your last first date?

Then let me ask you, are you ready to:

  • Take yourself out your comfort zone?
  • Ditch the excuses?
  • Work at breaking down the barriers preventing love happening for you?
  • Put the effort and leg work in?
  • Invest emotionally in YOU?
Then i’m so pumped to have you with me and you’re going to love the freebie I have for you today.Today we’re talking setting New Year’s Habit’s that will increase your chance of meeting that special someone. Ready to find love this year? Then let’s get cracking! Start off by watching this lil video I made for you:



Click Here to Download Your FREE Guide to Setting

New Year Habits to Find Love


Click the link above and you’ll have your own shiny new pdf worksheets that will guide you through:

  1. Figuring out what’s stopping you finding love
  2. Deciding the actionable steps you can take to overcome your barriers
I’ve made it easy peasy for you to type directly onto the pdf so no need to print. Save it to your computer as we’re going to keep coming back to it throughout the year. I really hope this helps you, let’s make it a 2015 to remember and you can do that by taking ACTION.
Last but not least the TED video I mention is by Matts Cutts and can be found here: Try something new for 30 days.Catch you soon.
Caroline x

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Mission – Find Love in 2015!


Happy 2015!

Can you believe we are in another new year already? I know I sound old but the years really do seem to speed up!

All the more reason then to take action, to be pro active and to make this the year that things really happen for you. Find love in 2015.

It’s within your reach. Everything you want CAN happen (ok so maybe not winning the lottery but you catch my drift!) and you can certainly put yourself on the right path for getting what you want.

Ok it may take effort, your time, your energy and emotionally pushing yourself forward and out of your comfort zone but if you want something hard enough, you’ll do it right?

Let me ask you this. Wouldn’t it be amazing to finish 2015:

  • Happy, fulfilled and satisfied that you achieved your goals and dreams?
  • In a relationship built on trust with a person who loves and respects you (and you them)?
  • Healthy – both emotionally and physically?
  • In a place where you feel positive, energized and truly in a place of personal happiness?

Then lets make it happen together!

Will you let me help you to find love in 2015?

This year it’s all about YOU. Time and time again I meet people just like you – people who want to meet that someone they can call their best friend, lover, confident and love of their life all rolled into one.

Are you looking for someone who:

  • You love being with so much you clock watch because you want to get home to them?
  • Keeps you smiling and laughing even when you’ve had a crappy day?
  • Respects you, your views and opinions – even if they differ from their own?
  • Has your happiness at heart?
  • Shares your passions, be it for travelling the world, raising a family or simply living in contented bliss?
  • Will stand by your side, as an equal partner and enjoy the good and ride out the rough times with you?

Then I can help you.

For those of you new to the site I’m a professional matchmaker. This means I spend my day personally matching single people and I love it. It also means I get insight into what people are looking for and why they’re not finding it (if indeed there is a reason, sometimes it’s a case of having not yet crossed paths).

What’s the point of having this insight though if I can’t out it to good use? Which is why this year, in 2015 I am upping my game to help you find love.

Here’s what you can expect in 2015:

Regular webinars and phone in’s with top dating advice from myself and industry experts

Workbooks with actionable steps to get you in the best place to find love

Weekly dating advice straight to your inbox (fill in your name and email at the top of this page)

Pintable’s and affirmations

An online programme that will ensure 2015 is the year you have your last first date!

Remember, it only takes 1 little moment to change your life so lets get this year started and make it the best yet.

To receive all these free goodies all you have to do is sign up to my newsletter by visiting www.carolinebrealey.co.uk and entering your name and email in the header. I’m all over confidentiality like honey on a hot biscuit so I promise not to share your details with anyone.

A new year message from me to you…..

So what are you we waiting for? Let’s do this!!



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London Christmas Date ideas


I just love London at Christmas and it’s the perfect place a wonderfully festive date.

From the festive displays in every shops window from Fortums to Selfridges, the Christmas Carols at the Royal Albert Hall and the mulled wine and hot cider at Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland there really is something for everyone. This year we can also add Winterville to the mix. Set in Victoria Park in East London it’s not just your bog standard Christmas market and fair. Described a ‘an alternative festive experience’ there are retro tents set up, a roller rink and great food stalls – I can vouch that the buttermilk friend chicken is delicious!

If you’re looking for the perfect London Christmas date idea then I have the perfect ideas for you. This week I wrote an article for the Huffington Post with my favourite places to go on a date this Christmas.

London Christmas Date Ideas

Enjoy! Cx


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Best Dating Coach iDate Award – Will You Help Me?


It’s time for the final voting round for the 2015 iDate Awards and I have a big question or you…..will you help me win?

I’m up for the Best Dating Coach and it would mean so much if I were to win. I am up against some incredible dating coaches from around the globe so when I say every vote counts I really do mean it.

Want to go straight to the voting – Vote For Me Here

Why vote for me?

I make a difference (and I don’t mean that in a big headed way!)

Every Friday without fail I take time out to write a newsletter to thousands of subscribers who live all over the world. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already a subscriber (and if not join me today by popping your name and email in the box below this post). I always aim for the newsletters to start you weekend off in style and get you thinking positively about finding love. From date tips, to relationship advice to my own experiences personally and from being a matchmaker, I share it all with you and I truly hope it helps. In fact, I know it does, because so many of you tell me!

Ok maybe I’m no rocket scientist and people might not always agree with what I say but if my newsletter makes people happier, helps them work through some dating barriers and gets them pumped to meet someone new? Then that’s what matters.

Daily 1:1 coaching

Through my London dating agency Mutual Attraction I support single people on a daily basis. Not just by matchmaking them, but by coaching and prepping them for their dates, helping them overcomes past experiences so they can be open to love again and being that person they can simply pick up the phone and talk to. I love what I do and I always go the extra mile. In fact, just last night I was on the phone at 9pm helping a client prepare for his upcoming dates!

Webinars, public speaking and scaring myself silly on radio and tv

At Mutual Attraction we regularly host webinars for our members and want the good news? From January next year they are going to be open to every one, that means you! Even better they are 100% free and you can listen in in your PJs! Not only that but I have a really exciting announcement to make in January of a new regular feature that will be coming your way and I promise, it will change the way you think and feel about dating.

But anyway enough of the waffle, why don’t I just tell you why I think you should vote me to win Best Dating Coach at the 2015 idate awards? Here’s a video I prepared earlier (Blue Peter style!) and whilst I look a little harassed frowning away I am actually very happy. Not to self – do not frown so much hehe!

They could have picked a nicer freeze frame right?! Geez!!

How To Vote

Pop on over the iDate Website and scroll down to the Best Dating Coach Category. Tick the box for Caroline Brealey (Mutual Attraction) and then put your details at the bottom and click ok! The next and final step is to check your inbox and verify your vote by clicking the link. It takes no more than 30 seconds and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much, i’m sending you a virtual high five and hug!


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